I am pleased to be able to offer testimony for Christie and her skills that support my business. Here is one reason why I support and recommend Christie:

During a routine reconciliation of my bank statements Christie identified a couple of credit card payments to my business that had never cleared the bank. In this day and age of technology and online banking I was skeptical that a bank could make such a mistake. However Christie had engaged my curiosity and I went to my bank to check things out.

When I brought up the missing payments with my banker there was more skepticism but things were reviewed and checked on. Sure enough there were payments that had never cleared the bank in two months! Right there Christie recovered almost $500.00 for my business that I otherwise might have never known about.

I went looking for a bookkeeper so that I could have more time to bring business into my company, to make sure that the expertise behind my accounting processes was strong andto help me stay on top of the paperwork that quite frankly isn’t my forte. When I found

Christie what I got was a partner in making sure that my business is not only running smoothly from a back office process point of view, but I also got a person which has tons of experience and knows where the potential catch points are. She has already demonstrated how she brings value to my operations.


I can’t say enough great things about Essential Accounting Support and Christie Hammond.

She took on my business after my initial setup by another company was done incorrectly and has stuck with it and me through a very rocky first year. With her guidance heading into my second year, I felt a whole new sense of posterity for me and my company.

I don’t know where I would be if it weren’t for Christie and her eye for detail and ability to see the “big picture”. If she doesn’t know the answer to something she sticks with it and finds someone who can.

Thank You Christie for being there for more than just my “books”.


“Christie is a “can-do”/take charge individual who would be a great asset to any organization.”


“Christie has numerous strengths as a Bookkeeper. She has valuable experience in business organization and office procedures that would be valuable to any organization.”