New Journys

Wow, I have come a long way.  Everyone has something that really kicks them around and challenges them.  Computers used to be my nemesis.  In my earlier life I did the stay at home mom thing, worked nights and weekends so we didn’t have to pay for daycare and worked to prepare myself for the day when I would again join the outside daylight workforce.  When computers first began to seep into our homes (remember floppy discs?) I had no idea what they were, how to use them or how to even begin to figure them out.  As with most things I just jumped in believing that education would win the day.  If you will, long ago, imagine a smart, confident and perfectly rational adult woman in front of this mystery machine shrieking things better left unsaid, at the printer that  I know  I commanded to print… PrintPRINT!!  There’s nothing like an uncooperative, inanimate object to make you feel like a two year old.

Today I stand before you a fully computer capable professional (MAC and PC, yep I switch hit) running a business and jumping in again.  This is a year of many beginnings for me and learning to run a website and a blog are two items at the top of my list today.

This is also my introduction to you as a professional, as a community member and as a bookkeeper.  You can learn about my skills and services as a bookkeeper on this website.  I’ll tell you a bit about myself and things that are important to me.  I believe in community involvement and I love to be involved in projects that have a positive effect for someone else.  I am currently working for the benefit of foster kids, disabled job seekers, adult literacy and quilting for kids in hospitals as well as for American veterans.

I am crazy about family, especially my kids and am the Mama Bear to end all Mama Bears.  I love tradition and new challenges.   I also delight in watching the adventures of those close to me and celebrating their steps toward making their dreams come true.  I try to see the bright side, keep my feet on the ground with my dreams in the sky and proactively problem solve when needed.

I’ll be tuning from time to time to share what are hopefully not the ramblings of a mad woman.  I’ll be posting on whatever bubbles to the top of the priority list, sharing observations, skills, and educational opportunities and hopefully some of them will even be related to bookkeeping.  I look forward to sharing this journey.

Welcome to my new world,


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