Have you Ever Wanted to be Involved but Didn’t Know How

I wish you all a wonderful Fourth of July.  For me,  the 4th is always a day for reflection, mostly about making sure that I am doing my part.   As we celebrate our day of freedom I am always aware of the truth in the words, “Freedom isn’t free” and want to make sure that among the bar-b-ques, the family gatherings and the fireworks that I also remember those that made us free, those that continue to help us stay free and those that have paid their price for our freedom.

I promise the soapbox is short.  As a former military wife I have been honored to witness the dedication of our service members and I offer a few suggestions of how we all can remember:

  • Random Acts of Kindness – Buy breakfast for the service member or family sitting next to you in a restaurant.  Just have the cashier charge their meal to your card and tell the family, “Thank you from your family to theirs.”
  • Wrapped with Love – If you are crafty/quilty  consider joining Solder’s Angels and make blankets and other needed items for military wounded.  Having their very own quilt to warm and comfort during their recovery is  a heart warming gift.
  • Enough to Share – If you have the financial ability consider the wounded warrior project.  Your support of $19.00 a month goes to help our service members who are recovering and adjusting to new lives.
  • Family Close By – If you know the value of strong family support then you know what a difference it makes to have family nearby during a long hospital recovery period.  Consider supporting the Fisher House Foundation and give military families a home away from  home while they support their loved ones recovery.
  • Living in Safety – The challenges of new lives when our service members come home can be overwhelming.  Check out Home for Our Troops and help to provide accessible and safe housing for wounded warriors and their families.
  • Traditions Across Generations – If you know you want to help but are not sure about what you can do, consider giving your local USO chapter a call. Many of our service members arrive home with no one to greet them on the initial steps of their travels.  How wonderful to be greeted at the airport by a friendly face and a helping hand (and so much more).

These are all highly rated, well experienced organizations that exist for the benefit of our military service members and their families.    If you want to help but didn’t  find something here that interests you, check out the Charity Navigator for an evaluation of charitable organizations.   We all have something that we can do to help no matter how small.

Happy 4th of July to you and yours,


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